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re increasingly wearing outdoor shoes to walk.

brands left for big brands, big corporate acquisitions, mergers and restructuring. Outdoor industry growing is an indisputable fact, Pathfinder listing is a clear sign of more capital into a clear signal. Outdoor industry sales reached 3.6 billion and 5.3 billion from the year before, the current rate of growth almost doubled. However China outdoor market in Europe and America can only be described embryonic stage, elementary,  air max 97 hyperfuse sale    United States market with annual sales of about 200 billion, about 300 billion European Union scale, from population to market capacity will give the internal market a lot of imagination. Current domestic industries like sporting goods industry ten years ago, pregnant with hope and wild growth opportunities everywhere, Li Ning and Anta for today that is this wild life pass by giants of the movement. From consumer patterns to understand: If we look carefully, always see young consumers are increasingly wearing outdoor shoes to walk.

Outdoor shoes and outdoor clothing in more of a consumer seeking outdoor freedom, comfort and fashion, with movement is not necessarily associated with, for consumers seeking more is a State of mind. After fashion sneakers, this is a one of the mainstream consumer boom, caught another Anta, xtep, peak and 361. Miss, can only be successfully clean the arm. Sneaker 60 billion, of which less than great, little market comparison inadequate. However, with its big market last than a small market leader. Outdoor market will never meet the future equivalent of sports goods market, European and American markets are very good evidence. A pair of   air max 90 vt sale  shoes to create a large market, a pair of shoes made out of a fast-growing conglomerate, Jinjiang's rise is inseparable from the rapid rise of a shoe, Anta, xtep, peak and Michael Jordan, 361, hongxing Polk, xidelong,

little bird, deerhui, kinglake both grow as one by one the billions of large group consists of a pair of shoes. Choose the right strategy and timing, is to choose a hope of success. Current retail prices for athletic shoes at 200-300 dollars, while production costs comparable to the outdoor walking shoes can fetch up to 400 Yuan, profit margins of natural outdoor shoes than trainers. As far as production equipment and production technology, outdoor shoes and sneakers not much difference, without large investments. Perhaps this is why there are forerunner shoe enterprises such as deerhui music, Intertrust in Jinjiang, Fujian has started outdoor shoe-market trip to test the waters. Footwear at outdoor equipment accounted for only about 30% scale, is the second largest category. Current outdoor shoes are generally classified into: hiking boots, hiking shoes, beach shoes, River

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