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Li Ning last year offered to dealers

affected consumer spending enthusiasm. In addition to reducing orders, local sports brand also shared a common enemy: the high inventories. Inventories are two big reasons, a sales projections were too optimistic, b is the Terminal sales below expectations, resulting in a backlog of inventory. The movement seemed to be the most typical brands were tough evidence. Insiders pointed out that in the collective into a high inventory trapped   air max 97 hyperfuse sale under the pressure of increased competition and growing industry as a whole decreased, plus marketing, rising costs of raw materials, labor, storage costs, profit-challenged, the industry is undergoing an adjustment period. Overall, take 3-5 years to digest, re-engineering. To help dealers clear inventory, Li Ning last year offered to dealers

recovered parts of the old stock, and actively promote the construction of factory outlets, discount stores and strengthen the network of sales, opening up channels of goods clearing to speed up Terminal inventory turnover. For the avoidance of new inventory pressures, Li Ning, active communication with dealers to control order arrangement. He pointed out that spent 310 million Yuan last year to the distributors to buy back stock buy-backs this year is expected to be significantly less than last year's level, but the 2012 primary mission remains clear inventories. While accelerating increase in factory shops and discount stores, acquired during the year a total of 200 rooms, bringing the total number of outlets to 8450, expects destocking to a reasonable

level by the end of this year, other brands have also scrambled to clear inventory. International brand storm two or three-tier cities In addition, local brands as having lost their international brands began to main battleground-two or three lines of the former City of flint. In fact as early as in 2010, Nike and adidas in China China series  air max 90 vt sale of its 5-year plan for the future of the company, indicated that the next 5 years will add two new shops in the market and introduce a price closer to the tertiary market product joined the chorus. Currently domestic brands from two or three line 70%~80% per cent of the income of the city, international brands continued to sink, resulting on the battle for the third-tier cities marketing channels will be increasingly fierce, greater pressure

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