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zhihou, selected has now everyone see of this a draft, smooth, beautiful, pictographic, "swipes wrote on this Dragon word of Zhang Zhenyi man said. In homes for the elderly, the reporter witnessed he swipes a book dragon characters, coherent, powerful, sharp strokes and yet delicate, long-tailed tactful yet tension was best portrayal of the Dragon character. Zhang old this year has 80 longevity, for decades years of calligraphy skill, eventually achievements has Olympic award clothing Shang of essence of made, he   air force 1 mid cheap himself also prepared sense pleased: "games is world concern of sports stage, is States show itself culture of best opportunities, and China calligraphy is we profound of history culture is one of, can see in world stage Shang show Chinese of traditional

culture, this is as a dragon of descendants of proud! "For Chinese athletes to fulfill their own humble, Zhang Zhenyi man decided to make his collection of the award of the Olympic Games, the first draft of long words, grant won the first gold for the Chinese delegation at the London Olympic Games athletes," also hopes to encourage other athletes, striving for more   air yeezy 2 cheap   glory for the motherland. ” On June 26, the sportswear giant Nike announced the opening official flagship store into cat. So far, ten sports brands in the world, nine have been dispatched cat official flagship store opened. Besides Nike, and the remaining eight for Adidas adidas, Puma, Reebok Reebok Puma, Fila Fila and the Mizuno Mizuno, and Kappa Kappa, Diadora DIADORA, Lotto joy road. In addition, there is New Balance, Vans and other famous sports brands also opened the official

flagship store on the cat. China's consumer market has become the battleground of the global sports brands. Early global sports brand in the Chinese policy is based on first-tier cities, using powerful brand influence, winning the fashion people in cities. In 2008, China had be Adidas and Nike in the United States the world's largest market outside. Meanwhile, a group of local Chinese sports brands are beginning to rise, they are taking a different strategy, relying on paved areas outside the cities, get a solid market position. Boston Consulting Group study shows that, while the international sportswear brand in the past and then focus more on big cities in China, however, future growth will increasingly depend on small cities, as well as more remote and difficult to access markets. There is no doubt that sports consumption market in China there are two trends in

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