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but for the whole world is focusing on the market?

outstanding enterprises. Both sides will realize in the building of enterprise culture, consumer insight, channel, and many other advantages, win the European market. "Li Ning also work together on both sides, said:" in Europe, the Li-Ning brand will desire to entirely new products and more choices for consumers, provides with Oriental culture for the design professional sports equipment, so that European consumers have more choice at the same time, to experience the unique charm of Oriental sports brand. While Europe has   air max 1 cheap the unique advantage of LFG as a partner, Li Ning, will enable the European market development effort. ” In accepting Germany media, FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH) in an interview, "China, the United States or Europe, which is the key to your market, but for the whole world is focusing on the market? "Of

problem, Li Ning Mr answered:" China is home, most important, must first development good; European is first to expand of international market, so is has now we and LFG of close cooperation; Lee Ning brand from Oriental and has unique of movement concept and the original of brand spirit, based on on professional sports and athletes of understanding, we in products development level determines has set for both at home and abroad professional athletes needs and deeply both at home and abroad consumers favorite of products design and  cheap nike air max 2013 development strategy, These are our highlight and differentiation strategies. We are very confident in our products. We believe that good products, good sports brands consumers in Europe and the whole world will bring a new and better options. ” Today, the world is a subtle change in the pattern of the sporting

goods market, and the Chinese sporting goods market is undergoing unprecedented changes. As an integrated professional sporting goods company Li Ning, is committed to creating a global leader in the sporting goods brands, the globalization process has just started. Predictable is that Li-Ning "human" Logo contains the words of the people-oriented thought and the "win a dream, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of sport, will serve as Li-Ning and LFG to open up Europe's most powerful protection will also be by Li Ning sports goods introduce Oriental culture to the world, and create a new win-win start. At present, the United States of Nike and his Germany rival adidas is in own Olympic battle, trying to help athletes improve performance in next month's London Olympic,

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