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overall quality of live and the sensory

Marathon, Marathon, I believe, along with the growth of the top marathon experience, 361 ° Marathon will help Chongqing achieved reload upgrade. Meanwhile, 361 ° through the brand's "loving" closely integrated with the marathon spirit of perseverance, advocating "running out of love" in Chongqing have set off a nationwide run storm. In order to help further the Chongqing Marathon upgrade plans, 361 ° from the event propagation,   converse all star sale   the game gear full blast. First of all, "healthy Chongqing" as the base, clear brand attitudes, advocating "running out of love" campaign concepts. CCTV for the entire live hand in hand, especially the use of helicopters for aerial photography throughout the events, enhancing the overall quality of live and the sensory

experience of the audience. In addition, the events held during the 361 ° synchronization in major cities throughout the country also launched the "running out of love" brand statement, combining online promotion spread forming solid matrix, with "love" what in the name of Chongqing mountain charm. It is worth mentioning that, by then, Chongqing people not only 361 ° big stores to experience the Red Marathon spree, but also may be the first to experience the 361  converse pro star sale ° is tailored at the marathon of the "ride the wind" series running shoes. It is reported that the series of running shoes with "chasing the wind," "ride the wind" as the design concept, and committed to the pursuit of lightweight, yet there are support functions, as the players play technology provides technical support.

In recent years, "happy society", "the happy geographical" concepts such as frequent, "happiness" has become the brand clothing during the transition period the most human of China one of the key words. As an important force in promoting social and economic development, xtep (China) limited for the construction of social well-being is duty-bound. Companies that can create happiness, is a truly comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises. It is reported that the special step was founded 10 years ago, achieved good operating results in the same time, has always attached importance to employee development and growth, and strive to create a harmonious and

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