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domestic consumption of children to

save 70%. Under his production line from materials, high-temperature extrusion, packing and warehousing all links, just two finishes. Today, du er bang Taifu company and Aucamp, meaning erkang, red Dragonfly on shoe giant, signed a strategic cooperation, began using DRB materials in large quantities.   air force 1 mid cheap   "Material like the soles of ' food ' and we as a high-tech enterprise, for traditional industries, the development of the new machine. "Tang Yongfeng said material in future to establish production base in Guangzhou, Sichuan and other places. Children's shoes became a separate category to appear on the market, a domestic shoes market competition encourages companies to further market segmentation, second, domestic consumption of children to

personalize, brand direction. The linkage effects of these two factors making shoes for the effective segmentation of the overall footwear market sector. Investigations revealed that 0-14 children's shoes in China, the market size at around 30 billion dollars  air yeezy 2 cheap. Because of this attractive large market attracts a large number of shoe companies market "brands battle for" children's shoe companies for their brands to provide visibility and influence. Recently, the happy family member Du Haitao, Xin Wu joined China in high profile children's shoe brand go kart, kart really fire up a hand. Waves and Xin Wu is not only a host of happy camp, who is also a Hunan entertainment programs hosted, and cross-border film in China with high visibility. Its fan base across age

boundaries, both 80, after the welcome, but also by the children's favorite. Spread through their "love happy" philosophy, is not only the interpretation of Kart brand, is also promoting to an optimistic and positive attitude to life. Prevalence of many industries experiencing marketing mode of course become effective tools for children's shoe brand marketing activities. Therefore, how to let the target consumer groups and effectively "experience" to the relevant product and brand information, are the focus of children's shoe business marketing. In this regard, Cardin (Fujian), General Manager of children's products said Mr Huang Chengcai, target audiences of

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