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family workshops for small business,

orders from overseas, rising costs and labor shortages, shrinking margins, trade financing and financial risk factors such as squeezed, unsustainable production. Three years later, SME does not deal with the crisis of the new law, or in matters of bitter, or flee the industry. "Workshop of the world" the transformation and upgrade of the road ahead in the distance. Even pessimists believe that 30 years of Pearl River Delta's  air max 97 hyperfuse sale   conomic model coming to Doomsday. Known as the "world's shoes" in Dongguan, large shoe factories in high town, small shoe factory in town. Is the biggest shoe Center houjie Liu Xia, standing with hundreds of family workshops for small business,

ground floor fa?ade, wholesale leather, shoe, above the second floor, used in small factories, making shoes and leather goods. Together, these small businesses to take the orders of nearly 30 world famous shoes, footwear exports ' share of one-fourth in Guangdong Province. 28-year old Yang moving a small stool sitting outside his shop, leisurely beads strung, which is making children's shoes and accessories. She rented the shop 2000 Yuan a month, cheaper than this market in April 2011, has just opened up 30%. "I can earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand a month before, but since August 2011, can only guarantee not to lose money. "Yang said," in past years,

several months before Christmas, will begin to hire a few people. But in 2011, no orders, workers went home early new year's day, I am here to sell some stock  air max 90 vt sale e. "Her huisen market, about one-third of the shops have been closed, open, empty. An extreme tragedy took place on the afternoon of December 13. Because of bad management, supplier of more than 4 million yuan in arrears payment, Liu Xia community ignite gasoline burned herself to death the head of a leather goods factory. Since 2011, European and United States markets fall of footwear and apparel orders, inquiries from both regions in August further cuts. Currently coincides with the Christmas season

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