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g orientation, often leads to which

sports marketing sponsorship the team form, you can also press the four-dimensional analysis of attractiveness. Sports marketing topics selected should pay attention to avoid the following situation: 1, universal issues. Sportsmanship is common of all mankind, but does need through dissemination of identified sports marketing company brand, product or service differences in location. For example, "higher, faster, stronger   air max 1 cheap    and "dream is only one step away", "beyond the dream" issue, this issue too much, could easily lead to chaos on the spread. 2, obscure. Many products do not meet with the sports marketing links, most product itself comes from "physical properties" presentation of fuzzy, due to this lack of marketing orientation, often leads to which

enable initial investments was a boondoggle. 3, idle resources. Current resources some Olympic sponsors on the verge of idle, use only paste the Olympic logo and the logo of the company together. Some Olympic sponsors using old of strategy tactical, and with mass of of marketing techniques, instead stimulus has those records in playing walking of sports marketing enterprise, actually sneak attack marketing than of is wisdom and creative, its sword by refers to is those was "waste" has of monopoly resources face let people bait of sports  cheap nike air max 2013" marketing boom, Enterprise how carried out best sports marketing, needs of is a integrated analysis and weigh. Failed sports marketing case has had many lessons. During the 2002 World Cup, jianlibao's "fifth season" with

31 million dollars to buy out the CCTV special exclusive broadcasting rights and embarked on a road of sports marketing, but because of the lack of sustainability, after the World Cup, "the fifth quarter" advertising turned to fashion, Vanguard's spokesman. "Sport concept" and "fashion, avant garde" came into conflict, inconsistency led to the desired results at a discount. TCL, as the price (more than 10 million euros) to sign soccer star Ronaldinho, but TCL in product sales, advertising failed to well with the spirit of soccer stars, soccer-related elements, highlights the risk of systemic lack of marketing strategy. Today, almost every month to see an improper sports marketing issues in media communication, therefore, wanted to use this sword of sports marketing enterprises, has

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