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walking easy weight loss body sculpting.

With the increasing Chinese shoe industry market size, product homogeneity, assimilation, homogenization of marketing channels and the homogenization of brands has become more severe. In this case, for the further subdivision of the market, become shoe one of the most effective ways to get rid of homogenization competition  converse all star sale  . How to segment occupies? how to develop professional, personalized, quality of products? the city's shoe enterprises face in the transformation and upgrading of an important topic. Relying on winning personality category "The circular feature soles-powered boat-shaped, heel-toe-arch forward 15 °, put on CP" swing shoes, "you can't help but swing in order to maintain body balance, making walking easy weight loss body sculpting.

"Web search" swing shoes, "is all about consumers ask, swing shoes toning effect. Meanwhile, Chia Tai swing shoes quickly into consumer's view. In 2010, the Chia Tai sports in order to reverse the traditional pattern with distinguished contemporary sportswear brand, developed the large swing shoes. Due to has several big national and world level patent, has high elastic, and Super anti-sliding, and Super wear, and strong resistance oil, and strong sucking earthquake, and anti-electrostatic, and no designated marks, and gas fragrance and high buoyancy, features, while and both fashion sex, this double deliberately let people "go not stability" of shoes, not only go stability has sales market, and help Zhengda sports in industry subdivision field quickly open a fan window. In case of strong sports brand in China, wild sports chose items to break the same way. 5

years ago, yeli r's breakthrough in the field of breathable shoes. 2009, first generation breathable shoes came out, through small bulk production, and sales, converse pro star sale  made has good of market response; 2010, yeli began in South, to carried out regional promotion, sales line rose, sales Maori also full rose has 30%; 2011, yeli simply terminated has other shoes class products, only do breathable shoes, not only in domestic market a good, soon also will to independent brand sales to abroad. Yeli sports (China), President of Lin Shaoxiong said: "to be clear about my position, not necessarily exhaustive, could get a point, ongoing technological innovation, will be able to enjoy a certain degree of market space. ” In fact, personality category is also a breakthrough sale in some foreign trade enterprises. Flying over the shoes and garments for export-oriented casual apparel, in

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