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rebranding strategy dilemma. And follows Anta,

Asian teams not only on the strategy to improve your headline sports fable, and seize the Asian market for the peak, it is also very much at home, and affordable. In the Arab world, Pan-Arab games, plays an important role, which is also the peak by looking at large-scale events the branding effect. The Pan-Arab games will be at the closing of the 23rd, at this track and field mark Dana-Hou Sai, the hundred metres to win is not the end, but wore the Olympic equipment, preparing for the London Olympics begin. Once   air max classic bw uk   Li Ning and Anta RSVPs, 361, peak and local sports brand, are facing slower growth, inventory backlogs, declining performance under enormous pressure. To 9.48 billion the first year revenues dominate the 2010 industry "boss" Li Ning, has been pushed to the forefront, in a rebranding strategy dilemma. And follows Anta,

Kappa shares also fell sharply. Meanwhile, international brands such as Nike and adidas, but with a strong research and development capabilities and experience in sales, has won more market share in China. Product is really unbeatable foreign goods? years ago curse again falls upon the Chinese sportswear industry. In response to this phenomenon,  air max 95 360 uk peak CEO Xu Zhihua analysis: over the past 10 years, the rapid growth of this industry has experienced more than 50%, market size also increased from billions of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. With further strengthening of industry concentration, sports apparel industry will enter a period of adjustment, to digestive issues arising in the process of rapid growth in the past. Li Ning Chief Executive Zhang Zhiyong said, at present, the industry is driven by the previous channel (number of

horizontal growth-terminals) to value-driven (vertical growth efficiency upgrade-shop). The result of this transformation is, from the perspective of market share expansion, the original double digit growth will enter the number of units growth phase. Destocking Stock, seems to be the local sports-apparel maker struck a spark. Some analysts believe that because of overly optimistic expectations in the early and aggressive marketing strategies, the major domestic sporting brands are now stuck with inventory, industry fully into a period of adjustment. Statistics show that Li Ning company inventories amounted to RMB 992 million in the first half. Under the influence of factors such as inventory, Li Ning's revenue 4.289 billion yuan in the first half, representing a 4.505 billion yuan in the same period decreased by 4.8%; net profit of 294 million Yuan,

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