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the trend does not mean that the

environmentally friendly fabrics for pollution. In terms of product technology, Kolumb (Columbia) r windproof, breathable, waterproof, warm and many other scientific and technological achievements, and successfully applied in clothing, shoes, bags and distribution products, so splendorous products and brands, emitting Kolumb (Columbia) the unique charm of exclusive brands. "Snow cloud" Kolumb (Columbia) held autumn/winter   air max thea womens  2012 event Drafter Kolumb (Columbia) dealer friend of the brand for many years, each time new orders he can feel Kolumb (Columbia) product flaws, Kolumb (Columbia) in the products he was very satisfied with the efforts and assured that would fully support Kolumb (Columbia), brand development, sharing opportunities and achieve win-win. "Light out" concept is Kolumb (Columbia) brand from an

environment-friendly society, combined with the outdoor industry characteristics and characteristics of outdoor consumption culture of China, an advocate within the context of the whole society "as heart pressure, to reduce burden on the Earth 's" way of life. "Light out" as a brand development philosophy, meaning Kolumb (Columbia) at the product level stressed the unity of function and comfort, technology and fashion, from a focus on products used by the wearer,    air max 2014 womens rising to care more about the clock light caused by outdoor gear, as well as "KEEP DISCOVERING joy in discovery" brand spirit perfect interpretation. "Everest qiyun" has "the highest indicator in the world," said, Kolumb (Columbia) brand advocates "light out" concept has become a barometer for the outdoor industry. I believe that in the near future, Kolumb (Columbia)

brand will be achieved "Kolumb (Columbia) to build China's first brand of outdoor" goal completed "for everyone to enjoy the pleasures of outdoor" mission. Nike (NIKE) that will be the construction of a new headquarters in China, in order to better serve its long-term development strategy in China. China's demand for Nike products is a growing trend in the near future, if we do not take into account the exchange rate factor, Nike China shipments increased by 28% in the last fiscal quarter, was the fastest of all regions. Nike is one of the world's largest sporting goods maker. The company said on Monday that the new headquarters will be located in Shanghai. Nike greater China Vice President Craig Cheek said the new headquarters will enable the company facilities in China and the area to the next level, and all employees gathered together in Shanghai.

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