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uses its keen sense of style, creating 80

beautiful Tess nation prestige increased innovation and inspiration, launched in 2008, "the more China fashion" theme costume, includes topics such as Kung Fu, blue and white porcelain and its design concept from costumes historical costumes in the Museum collection. In 2010, the beautiful Tess nation prestige effort to launch its most innovative product lines--MTEE, retro fusion of fashion, trend of classical tradition, national feelings of depth perception has been hidden for a long time. MTEE, once released, quickly resonated with   air max 1 cheap   younger generations, composed a new brand story. In 2011, the new MTEE fully upgraded and ask the 8-bit from the 80 's of last century, China's new generation of cross-border Designer, uses its keen sense of style, creating 80

series and animated Classics series 2 film factory nostalgia theme, holier than thou common t-orginally unique new flows of goods t, attracting consumers of different ages. Japan famous street took photographer Mi Yuankang are also for beauty special Republika State Granville of creative and enchanted, 2011 summer, its Street took works in MTEE Shang to very rich trend sense of way restore, support who countles  cheap nike air max 2013   s, this a across territories cooperation let beauty special Republika State Granville more has confidence, world top art exhibition---2011 Venice double years exhibition Shang, more than 20 over world level artist of works diversified rendering Yu MTEE, out of abroad of beauty special Republika State Granville let world taste has its clothing in the contains of creative and art. Spokesman Zhou chengjian, one of the new goods suggest a clear

outline. "New products are high fashion and high cost-effective, innovative, quality, make original works, making use of pure". Clever catch changes, innovative marketing, bold the beautiful Tess nation prestige brand upgrade. United States sports apparel giant Nike Group announces new greater China headquarters in Shanghai to support the group in mainland China long-term sustainable business growth. Nike announced in early January that it would in Yangpu district, Shanghai City Center, the general architecture "Shang Pu collar (The Springs)" establishment occupies an area of 600,000 square feet in the greater China area headquarters. Nike group big Chinese District Deputy President cum General Manager Qi Kaige (Craig Cheek) said, preparation big Chinese district headquarters not but very was exciting of news, is Nike group in

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