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sleeping mind is absolutely impossible. No

regrettable, "system management" myth but there! Sound system of shoe has made a lot of efforts in management, but why did not receive effective? May was an instant success. A boss mentality: sound rules and regulations, and shoe enterprises management is finally on the right track, and I can take a breath. Second cadre mentality: that's it, you do not need me peg underling, offend people everywhere every day, employees are executed in the system will be easy. From system to system, and indeed is the advancement of management, but those who  converse trainers uk argue that the system will be able to let go no matter what, rest assured that the sleeping mind is absolutely impossible. No

lucrative business in the world, there is no management once and for all. Delusions one battle in management are unrealistic. Good management is good systems and processes consistently carried out. System is compromised, the process is not executed, and where? Answer tends to be the boss. System is not a flashlight, not only do as others do not as their own. System constraints all members, not just employees, exempts the boss. Systems, processes, whether it works depends on bosses. Bosses say the system is greater than all, I'm not even break the rules, others are afraid to break the rules; I am the boss boss said the company system is to allow employees to comply with,

the result is often most people ignore the system. Good habits are hard, bad habits is difficult. Some say management is to cultivate the good habit of employees, overcoming the bad habits of employees. I'm really so, praise. Systems, processes, Enterprise, and want to improve on execution, enterprise will be much easier, after all, than managing the disorder. As long as the boss take the lead. Boss the lead from where to start? Owner only needs to do is not to be late for the meeting. Because we find that system destruction, lack of discipline is almost starting from boss was late for the meeting. Secretary informed the meeting at eight o'clock in the morning, results 8:30 boss

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