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and uppers, is still on the upper, are easily

fashion style. Pop streak this season is, unlike in previous years, in addition to the normal black and white stripes, blue stripes, designers to match the colorful stripes form the new bright spots this season. Multicoloured stripes shoes are the magic weapon to warm down, whether it's ripple of blue stripes, or a bright red stripe, even with a strong spring. In the spring and summer seasons, are supposed to flower shadow, from headgear to   asics gel hyper 33 2 mens clothing, from bags to shoes, flowers and evergreens like the fashion industry, enjoy the interpretation of non-light fashion in General. This spring and summer, flowers are decorated in the soles and uppers, is still on the upper, are easily

highlight chun's life and warm summer. TOP10 lace In the spring/summer 2011 show, lace with mysterious charm attitude attracts global fashion eye, subtle sexy and elegant tenderness in shirt sleeves enjoy elementary makes stunning scenery in high heels. When the laces when fish mouth high heels ankle boots, to raise the sexy scale "to cover exposed" the highest State of half water half flame, half tenderness half sexy, long legs on the temptation to match lace ankle boots, causing endless reverie. ECFA shoe is under the effect of Quanzhou, Fujian sees Taiwan market. Reporters learned from the inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Quanzhou, in May last year, Quanzhou shoe brand xtep opened stores in Taipei for the first time, Quanzhou shoe enterprises to

open up Taiwan market intensified, there are peak, Kazunobu more than Quanzhou shoe landed in Taiwan. It is understood that the Taiwan market as    asics gel saga uk    a  new starting point for developing overseas markets, until late last year, the shop has been expanded to 3. In March this year, representing sports brand sponsors 2011 Taipei City, for the first time "national road" Marathon and become the Taipei Marathon December 2011 "top global partners and the only designated sports equipment sponsors." According to statistics from inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Quanzhou, and today the company have been sold to Taiwan "xtep" brand of sneakers up to 7, the value of $ 111,500. Next, xtep company plans in Taiwan to issue 250 million trust documents, raised about $ 100

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