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to the EU, to extend the export period, try to

Xie Rongfang, Wenzhou shoe 10%-20% growth in exports will grow steadily. "Sensitive periods" should avoid export "If there is 16.5% anti-dumping duties in enterprises will be abolished, and used to compete on price, will affect the healthy development of the industry. "Hangzhou, head of a shoe recommendation, if the products near term focus on exports probably will push companies into cut-throat competition, does not    adidas originals zx 700 sale    favor the industry started again in the European market. In this regard, the Office of the China Association for leather footwear Luk said, the EU anti-dumping duties after the suspension, shoe orders from Europe have flooded the Chinese market, causing the massive growth in April to enter the EU market of leather products. "Businesses must control the number of shoe exports to the EU, to extend the export period, try to

avoid time in April 2011 to June focused on exports. "Mr Luk reminded. EU to seek new protection measures Aokang shoes Department Manager Wang Hailong believes that although the EU lifted shoes, anti-dumping tax on China, but the EU   asics gel kinsei 4 ladies    is also seeking new measures of protection, so the shoe is also paying attention. Aokang currently incoming orders from Europe also will do some selected, not all the orders are received. According to him, European customers shoes orders must be in product price, style and brand strength three areas meet the requirements of aokang, aokang will order. So, although there are a lot of orders to fly to Europe Aucamp, however, it only took the Germany orders for several high profile clients such as Wartmnn. Kangnai Group Foreign Trade Department a chance to say, conwise the ordering customer is also

selective. First is the volume of orders, followed by the EU REACH regulation emphasizes environmental standards. Wenzhou shoe industry Association General Secretary Xie Rongfang reminds, the enterprise should prepare, rational attitude to the EU decision. The other hand, the Association also asked enterprises to improve their product quality, enhance brand value, achieving steady growth in export volume and export price. The morning of April 8, 2011, Shanghai Disneyland project was officially started construction project investment of 24.5 billion yuan, is expected to be built after 5 years. Shanghai Disneyland project a building area of 3.9 square kilometers, Disneyland in sixth in the world, is so far the largest Sino-foreign joint venture projects of modern service industry in China. With Disney paradise in Shanghai of settled in, will

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