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pressure of competition, many other brands of

in an all-round way, China sporting goods industry marketing models of life also changed. At branding time, regardless of any marketing strategy should not deviate from its course and to be established on the basis of brand culture localization.  air max 97 hyperfuse sale Elegant birds recognized this problem in a number of years ago, and insists to this day while taking advantage of their brand marketing, access to the majority of consumers agree. Brand endorser is important Elegant birds invite Andy Lau, a superstar, Diva Cheung in 2002 as a brand Ambassador, quickly steadied to a brand of sporting goods market footing. In 2010, to "exercise" happy as the core essence of comprehensive brand communication activities officially started. First wave of "happy, who's afraid of who" spread of spindle bolts of lightning, and from the pressure of competition, many other brands of

the same type appeal stand out, and, as the article says, regardless of any marketing strategy, has not deviated from "movement happy" brand connotation. In 2012, the elegant birds signing happy family of five members – he jiong, Xie na,, Xin Wu  air max 90 vt sale, Du Haitao in the form of a whole family as a brand Ambassador. Whether personal style is the five of them brand connotation-the happy camp and sports happiness strongly correlated, while also being more acceptable to consumers. Internet new media become main positions According to Internet data center network audience behavior survey for sports events: at the moment, Internet coverage of sports events in different media users satisfaction survey, the Internet "very satisfied" with 65%

per cent, overall satisfaction (very satisfied + satisfied) reached 92.4%, higher satisfaction than traditional TV media. Elegant birds have long recognized that, for the first time to seize the microblog position, elegant birds established micro and campaign against the brand happy family, gathered a large number of brand advocates. But happy family starring the TVC advertising blockbusters, with healthy, fresh image mirror, express elegant birds new health concept: as long as two feet, a pair of shoes, you can run the most simple pleasure. Beyond this TVC blockbusters aired on TV and is uploaded to the various video sites, and community sites, become hot topics in Internet users. Elegant birds take advantage of happy family's influence, became a full trying to entertain Chinese national sports brand marketing leader. Interpretation of the "movement happy"

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