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repeat my diagnosis in Li Ning in the opening

down jacket 90% down content sold only 100 dollars a piece. Foreign thick down jackets are sold below cost, the shocking price of original 1200 Yuan from 100 Yuan. Booth 93rd from Ordos cashmere producing areas, against various terms to repay their NLS cashmere sweater, cashmere pants, waist, knee pads, regardless of the cost, only for withdrawal of funds. Now sporting apparel brand Li Ning remains confined to see things from their own  cheap nike flyknit air max, to find the problem, rather than from the market, from the consumer's point of view, find and solve problems. Questions about Li Ning himself or the attitude or is that sentence, Li Ning's problem is not what major issues, technical issues, quality issues, product issue, but on the market, is the vast number of consumers in mental problem for Li Ning brand positioning. Therefore repeat my diagnosis in Li Ning in the opening

sentence: How do you locate others on how to recognize that you. You to position themselves in the market for mid-range product, and this location made it into the brains of consumers, it is very hard to change. To answer Li-Ning, Nike and adidas products in the market are doing professional is more important than fashion to do important, first to answer and make sure you Li-Ning, Nike and adidas products are what the industry, which category or sector  air max plus tn sale. I think in essence, Nike, Li Ning, adidas mainstream products should be vested in the apparel industry, but one thing we keep in mind, namely, Li Ning, Nike and adidas category mainstream product is shoes fashion products, or call the apparel category of the fashion industry. Li Ning shoes, Nike and adidas are taking

classes of fashion, for instance, a very clear, very clear examples are the vast majority of the girls they don't like, or even avoid any sports item, but they were almost one foot such styles of shoes. This is the reality. So I believe that both girls and boys, men or women, the vast majority of consumer's choice of Li Ning, Nike and adidas products and pursuit are not selected and the pursuit of their profession, the exercise-induced, but chose to pursue their fashion. Indeed, this argument is in line with reality, is supported by reality. Casual sportswear products, professional to do fashion is more to do, and must do better fashion. Indeed, casual sportswear products, including Nike, adidas, Li Ning products, pursuit, more stylish, followed by professional, or are a combination of fashion and professional, or are based on professional fashion. How can a sports

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