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Colorful, trendy super thin and light cotton

approaching, domestic clothing market has ushered in the sales season in winter become the strong growth in consumer goods, NAC 2011 winter clothing, style and design are more fashion, following the wind after the first wave of winter first launched in North America in early October, a second wave of new and once again becomes the focus of purchase. NAC brand clothing 2011 Winter second-wave new best selling NAC brand clothing 2011  asics gel noosa tri 9 women's Winter second wave new In North America the major compartments of the wind, the reporter found, padded coat, down jacket, sweater, a jacket was placed in a conspicuous position. Colorful, trendy super thin and light cotton

clothing popular with young consumers of all ages. Wind winter clothes a second wave of new models have all been on sale in North America, from sweaters to cotton clothing, from t-shirts to down jackets, all kinds of classic fashion winter clothing, were readily available. NAC brand clothing 2011 Winter second-wave new best selling NAC brand clothing 2011 Winter second wave new According to NAC straight battalion, a Commerce Department official who briefed this year winter 2011 new clothing, padded coat, down jacket 56.8% stocking than a year ago, and sales were up 50.2% than using classic clothing for the mainstream consumer, old and new "mix and match" sales, currently NAC stores across the country, stores are also sold in Miami.

Bosideng down 16 consecutive champions of the Chinese market, snow flying down 10 consecutive second place in national sales, multi-brand sales accounted for 36.7% of the down market share. Clothing brand bosideng rising cost pressure The first three quarters of this year, the textile and clothing industry has maintained a  asics gel lyte iii mens high industry boom, January-August total apparel industry realized a profit of 41 billion yuan, an increase of 41. 4%, 5% higher than the all-industry average, but raw materials, rising labor costs and the appreciation of the renminbi and other factors are still putting tremendous pressure on garment enterprises. As the country's largest manufacturers of brand down jackets, bosideng Corporation in many ways to improve product

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