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autumn Top white Peak, a photo Find love At eight o'clock in the morning, we set out a collection, at two o'clock in the afternoon a half mountain village of Liao Zhai--the starting point for hiking. This hike, dominated by newcomers, this group of newcomers led by senior old donkey's ass open light outdoor outdoors trip. Calm and steady   asics gel speedstar 5 men's   old donkey, ass fresh excitement. Hiking process, old ass to teach new donkey "unique" outdoor experience, how to carry, down a steep grade to pay attention to what and how to pitch a tent ... ... As they loaded into a memorable outdoor practice lesson. Wonderful outdoor experience without assistance of professional outdoor equipment, backpacks, hardshell, hiking boots, tents, sleeping bags, mat, head lamps, food ... ... A pile of

equipment is packaged can weigh up to 10 kg, so weight for everyone to add difficulty to the conquering the highest peak in Eastern Zhejiang, also pose challenges to the new employees participated in the activities. Kolumb (Columbia) men passing the information played a gentleman, and oneself carry on weight, leaving lightweight items for the Lady, encountered difficult sections lend a helping hand. Caring colleague, solidarity Kolumb (Columbia) were eventually successful white before the Sun peaks. "Sunset and a lone, youthful total monochromatic  asics gel kinsei 5 ladies. "The peak evening beauty charms everyone. "One-year boom, June shall be entered, most are orange, yellow, Orange and green. "East baishan trip the next day, the weather, draw the strands in the blue sky and white

clouds, Qiulin wafted out of the breeze, coated with a layer of Golden sunshine to the whole mountain, too warm to everyone. Such comfortable weather, and for everyone to truly experience the charm of nature and the great outdoors is wonderful. On the white peaks of highest peak, someone jump up and want to feel the sky more closely; others lie down, days were for seats was also extended his arms, and a close encounter with nature ... ... Beautiful nature makes people always have the desire, naturally also have a desire to protect it. Sunset out of the camp, under the guidance of the old donkey, everyone carefully clean all the waste generated at the picnic camping
mountain centrally disposed of, so we walked gently, quietly as we came here, a hands-on, do not

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