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company achieve revenues of 622 million


one of the reasons he chose foreign brands. "Foreign brands have begun to take a style line, such as greater emphasis on color and design. "Lv Yueying said, such as" Colombia ", on the basis of numerous professional articles, pushed many Chinese consumers love new" tide "is quite particular about color, to expanded sales   air max light uk, no longer single. This fashion trend evidenced. Brand style is not much, but everything classic, wave after wave of followers, such as Juicy Couture (the famous velvet sportswear brand); design complete, even if the quality is usually someone who does, such as fast-fashion brand. Insiders noted that the future development trend of outdoor brands will show the two extremes – large or small and exquisite, each have their own market. Yesterday, according to a semi-annual Pathfinder, the company achieve revenues of 622 million

dollars in January-June, up 21.1% over the previous year, however, sales only met its annual target of 35%. Pathfinder 2013 annual report disclosures, 2014 business plan objectives as follows: "achieved operating income of not less than 1.8 billion yuan in 2013, representing a revenue of 1.445 billion yuan about 25% plans to achieve a net profit of 315 million Yuan, Pathfinder brand net new store openings is not less than 150." However, the effects in the first half were less than ideal. Revenue, net income, new shop met its annual target, respectively, and 35%, and 31%. The company explained that this largely due to the slowdown of China's macro-economy an  air max 97 ukd downturn affecting end-consumer environment. China outdoor market in 2013-survey data shows that domestic market 24.3% increase in retail sales compared with a year earlier, growth has fallen

by around 10% a year earlier. Pathfinder also said annual net number of new store openings is expected to be slightly less than expected, and in view of the rapid development of online business and annual revenue, net profit, mainly focused on the situation in the second half, July 23, 2014 the Nineth Asia outdoor trade fair in Nanjing International Exhibition Center Grand opening. Asia outdoor trade fair now on the size and number of exhibitors at the show after the European outdoor trade fair and United States Salt Lake outdoor world's 3rd-largest professional outdoor exhibition, this year the number of exhibitors reached 613. Chinese leader EZON intelligent motion table should be accurate and core products such as Bluetooth intelligent sports G2-Challenger debut exhibition running zones. Following the Basel international watch and

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