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country, including the Hong Kong Branch,

of " Ambition ", with these barriers make it good to achieve a certain degree of" dispute "in the market. "Only the paranoid survive", 361 ° a once-weak brand, its market tips are not complicated, and uphold the principle of "movement is everything" with professionalism and created a proud performance. 361 ° of predecessor--Buick (Fujian) shoes industry limited, established Yu 1994, 2003 361 degrees (Fujian) sports supplies limited official established,  air max classic bw sale    2000 was international shoes industry authority footwear.News Magazine Award for "best company"; 2001-2004 continuous four years won China sneakers sales three methyl; 2003 in European established has Hungary sales center and first home stores, put sales pathway and international official standards, The brand to the world so far have resulted in 32 of the country, including the Hong Kong Branch,

5,000 terminals Kingdom of franchising network of professional sports. Second, the 1 ° >360 °: small is big--beyond the competition laws of innovation Do "1 ° = 360 °", only said do has basics class, overview 361 ° brand development of whole course, he except above will of "crazy movement marketing" of spirit, also has a strongly of innovation spirit, basic lessons everyone are in do, this knowledge a brand became strong brand of necessary, dry wave Hui up brand marketing consultant institutions think, in 361 ° people of world in, that more out of "1 °  nike air yeezy 2 sale" is endless of innovation of fire, more with point heart will products quality, and spread temperature, and Terminals such as competitiveness, will be able to make qualitative changes in the

performance of the brands in the market. 361 degrees for more than 10 years preparing for the storm history, would express the power of innovation, such as major innovations in marketing are: First, the network marketing new fire burning channels. In the professional field of sports brands, 361 ° is probably one of the early pioneers of Internet marketing and network marketing uses a more thorough a typical. In recent years, especially last year's ferocious financial crisis makes many feel cold and some drawbacks of the traditional channels, have mounted Internet marketing journey. Among them, the online shopping opportunities, numerous retail companies begin to market "deep love" were suddenly more up. In channel cooperation Shang, based Yu more than 4,500 over ground entity dot, 361 ° has in Amoy shoes online established monopoly shop; in

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