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found that Belle has been pushing its own

family-owned, but not family management, aokang must be listed. ” "It's not ' big ', ' fast fish eats the slow ', but ' lion Tiger '. "Wang Zhentao said. On May 23, Belle International Holdings Limited (1880.HK) listing. Although specializing in men's shoes aokang and Belle is "competition", but Belle after the listing of the show as well as some internal action or let Wang Zhentao fidgeting. Public information, registration   air max humara uk   Yu Kaiman, Belle, based in Shenzhen, owns Belle, the days of destiny (Teenmix), thought Cato (Staccato), the beautiful poem (Joy&Peace) and eight other footwear brand chain stores, known for its production of women's shoes. "Awake recently," said Wang, "we target different customers, so no worries. But a few days ago I took a team to visit Belle, I suddenly found that Belle has been pushing its own

men's shoes, shoes with Belle foot has been extended to our men's shoes here. ” Wenzhou plate Development of private economy in Wenzhou is China "pioneers", but the city's listed companies are few. On August 16, baoxiniao garment company limited were listed, as IPO's first full circulation in Wenzhou shoes listed on the main Board in the country'  air max wright uk   s private enterprises. On the day of Saint Angelo listed, aokang, red dragonfly, mysteres ? metersbonwe, semir, red, yellow, blue, sky, heads of kaiquan, Xuan Da more than more than 30 private enterprises related to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to watch "glad tidings bird". Wenzhou City development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Guo Tianjun said that day, "many private enterprises in Wenzhou are industry leaders, once the listing will become the darling of the capital markets, capital

markets ' Wenzhou plate ' is not far behind. ” In fact, it's only 5th in the history of the listed companies in Wenzhou. Hong Zhenning, the "prudent" are characteristic of the private enterprises in Wenzhou. "Wenzhou private enterprises have gone through several stages, turns out to be the family cottage and later getting to have a partnership, began in 1993 a group of companies, and in 1998 there was a large group, but now they recognize the importance of the new enterprise system. Listed is a necessary requirement for the development of these enterprises, and will be the only natural thing, "said Hong Zhenning," some enterprises in Wenzhou is very pragmatic, unlike some other business grew, most enterprises in Wenzhou are step by step very realistic sound came, many businesses listed may have been ready for years. ” Director of listing listing work, Wenzhou Chen

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