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2010 is the Chinese shoe industry's


expected to reach 6 billion to 8 billion yuan. Industry experts predict that China's "outdoor" market trend has skyrocketed, and outdoor sports equipment market will grow to 50% growth rates in each year, the hidden market will exceed 10 billion yuan. In the shoe industry in the world, he said that: footwear orders of the world 80% lies in   cheap nike flyknit air max   Chinese hands, 60% order by a Chinese shoe factory in the world. China thus also known as the shoe industry is the largest producer in the world, the first big consumer and the largest exporter. However, how many glorious titles are no longer people feel, because cruise and prosperity have become unable to cover the pain--made in China products low-end, profit margins, at a disadvantage in the global value chains specialization, lack of pricing power, cut-throat competition, as well as extensive serious pollution caused by excessive production. In footwear fashion such a saying 2010 is the Chinese shoe industry's

"2012". This is alarmist, or is the awful reality show? "Big country" crisis As a labor-intensive industry, footwear industry is like "migratory bird", as its development and transfer by land, labor costs, raw material supply, environmental protection and the market factors and constraints. Because of this, the global footwear industry's Center of gravity is shifted depending on these factors: the early years in Italy, and Spain, and Portugal and other countries; 670   air max plus tn sale of last century in Japan, and Taiwan, and Korea, Hong Kong and other places; late last century 80 's and early 90 's, and was transferred to the County's coastal area, up to this day. With cheaper land and labor costs, industry resources, and improve the investment environment, to 1996, China has become the

world's main footwear exporters and industry cluster development. In General, there are four industrial clusters: A is to Guangzhou, and Dongguan, and Shenzhen, and Huidong, to for representative of Guangdong shoes industry base, main production in the upscale shoes; II is to Wenzhou, and Taizhou, and wenling, to for representative of Zhejiang shoes industry base, main is production Middle shoes; three is to Chengdu, and Chongqing for representative of West shoes industry base, main production shoes; four is to Quanzhou, and Jinjiang, and lions, and kamata, to for representative of Fujian shoes industry production base, main production sneakers. Over the next 10 years, China's shoe-making industry development is by leaps and bounds, in 10%~20% increases every year in development, according to the statistics, in the share of the global annual

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