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mainly in luxury and consumer goods of

the road of joint development. Faced with such a situation, while outgoing industry enterprises of different sounds: "crisis, although unavoidable, but it also has a good business opportunity." Reporter, who interviewed Chinese leather shoes Wang, China famous brand enterprise--when Yu Jinhua, Chairman of Wenzhou jierda  converse all star sale  shoes Ltd, which has been verified. Crisis opportunity Yu Jinhua told reporters, even though the financial crisis to the footwear industry, the larger impact on the external, but shoes, after all, are the necessities of life, which is what we usually call "evergreen." We believe that the financial crisis affected mainly in luxury and consumer goods of

inferior quality, affordable variety if kept in good value for money, the market should still be optimistic about the prospects. Therefore, we are faced with the financial crisis, do not panic and do not attack the second, since last year, in terms of management and Administration made relatively large adjustments from a lot of skills to work on, focusing on optimization of business management, management improvement and enhancement. This y  converse pro star sale    e ar, Gilda came over to spend hefty fees to hire a well-known consulting firms expert in Shanghai company tracking Guide, identified this year as "the hard years of development", scheduled for next year, "industry

promotion of year", as the next "brand value year" adjustment in the crisis and capture opportunities. Yu Jinhua said that in many small shoe factory could not mention the case of the financial turmoil, the market would be good time to reshuffle. During the course of this shuffle, we focus on developing skills and expand the market, in terms of marketing, increase the marketing power of group buying, according to our plans earlier this year, has been completed in the first quarter of this year more than half of annual buying and orders compared with the same period a year earlier, an increase of over 10%. Reporters learned through interviews in Wenzhou, Wenzhou shoe industry market Shang Jue optimism, footwear total sales income of 59 in the first

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