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such as Nike have closed factories in China and



traditional store model, and that is online shopping. Due to athletic shoes and other products have standard size measurements, intended to be sold on the network, China has a lot of specialized B2C websites to sell shoes,    nike blazers salethey have competitive prices also impact traditional models of shop.In the game of rising costs, foreign brands have advantages, such as Nike have closed factories in China and reduced orders, mostly from the lower   nike blazers for mencost of Viet Nam, Bangladesh and Malaysia and other countries, and they also have premium brand while maintaining a reasonable profit. Low quality domestic brands while discouraging, but able to maintain a

certain degree of price competitiveness. Li Ning was not so lucky, first his price compared with other domestic brands were too ambitious or even mostly unchanged from the Nike or adidas. Meanwhile, the appeal of Li Ning was   womens nike blazer lownotably not a foreign brand, coupled with an outdated design, strength of its not being used as campaign spending favored by young people.
However, the difficulties of Li Ning pigeonholed in market factors such as competition, the cost of which is not objective, but the company for years, lack of orientation t  womens nike blazer highhat lost his core competency. First, Lee Ning this a brand from "gymnastics Prince" of name, this makes brand and personal entanglement in together, in early he may conducive to promotion,

but has a fatal of errors, in generation and generation of young eye in, Lee Ning may is a too conservative of brand, especially see haired of Li Ning I of when, this effects has Lee Ning brand on young of attracted.2000 years later,    nike cortez trainers ukLi Ning first made directional choices, that is advancing on areas of expertise, it sponsored almost all kinds of sports as well as many troops both at home and abroad, trying to imitate international brand sponsored mode set of professional features. But in China, the sports brand of mainstream consumers is based on leisure-oriented youth, little Chinese movement, will be used as a casual wear sportswear, Li Ning's professional evolution less attractive. Moreover,

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