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to increase the number of straight camp shop.


Also, these points pin commercial lack scale effect, "now most points pin commercial scale are comparison small, average operating two between shop, which over 1700 a points pin commercial only operating a between     air max 1 sale shop", Lee Ning company related heads said, dealer and points pin websites faced cost fast rose of pressure, for, Lee Ning company must to increased low efficiency points pin commercial of integration intensity, let larger dealer or wanted to further development of points pin commercial on low efficiency points pin commercia  air max 90 womensl of shop for acquisition. At the same time, Li-Ning also encouraged large dealers to increase the number of straight camp shop.

Li Ning has repeatedly emphasized to the outside world, they are "integrated", rather than "close 500~600 stores". But in any case, the distributors of this understandably led to survival of the fittest."Close up" behind: slow  air max 95 saleer earnings growthThis consolidation channel storm originates from the slowdown in earnings growth. Li Ning company previously announced, in the second quarter of 2011 on the Li-Ning brand products ordering meeting, calculated according to the listing price of retail, clothing and footwear prices rose an average of over 8%   air max lunar uk, but orders declined by more than 7% and 8% per cent respectively, and the total value of orders orders declined by about 6%.

In recent years, the slower growth in domestic sports goods market as a whole. Convening of the 2008 Olympic Games, is an important watershed in domestic sports apparel industry. Year, Lee Ning, and Ann stepped, and special step, and China trend   air max humara sales half income or turnover are achieved has compared 50% above of growth, then Special step of proceeds compared storm increased 174.3%; to 2009 half, above 4 Home enterprise in the, turnover compared growth Supreme of is China trends, only for 33.5%; 2010 half, this 4 Home enterprise in the turnover compared growth Supreme of is Ann stepped, for 22.6%.

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