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Jacquard Functional insoles GEL elastomer

controlled within 180G, and greatly reduce the burden on players and accelerate the running speed, comfort, like wearing a pair of socks. 3D uppers 3D uppers Jia Kati flower is 2013, popular form of warp-knitted fabric, fabric formation consists of compact, thin and a net area of motifs, with three-dimensional relief effects, pattern size is not limited, to weave more characteristic patterns, can be designed according to requirements  asics gel kayano mens in different parts of the design of flexible mesh with. Is different from common mesh fabric, has a "one" features, like 3D flying woven vamp molding pattern. Compared to other traditional fabrics with high strength, moisture, ventilation, wear-resistant, washable and antimicrobial. Jacquard Jacquard Functional insoles GEL elastomer

insole insoles foot care of the very popular both at home and abroad, dressed in soft and comfortable, has a good sense of shock, relief features, mainly used in sports shock absorption, orthopedic, functional massage insole. PU material with high elasticity, high resistance to pressure, feel good, environmental protection and so on, mainly used for making high on the insole, shock-absorbing air cushion function. EVA footbed for lightweight,  asics gel noosa tri 8 womens can effectively reduce the burdens of weight on the foot, unique texture and structure can be activated air circulation inside the shoe, with moisture wicking, mold proofing antibacterial function. EVO as a new type of polyolefin, rubber and other elastomers materials through EVA or from a variety of elastomer,

rubber polymer composite materials that combine with each other, such as wear-resistant, non-slip, super soft and highly elastic, shock absorber, antistatic, resistance to compression deformation, ultra-lightweight performance. While retaining the traditional plastic materials plastic, weather resistant and has a soft, flexible, anti-slip rubber material and excellent abrasion EVA does not have is special. Has now expanded its multifunctional insoles products. Summary: cross-border application of the material, for the footwear industry has created a new blue ocean markets, also provides us a colorful life. Three, finished articles Compared to the excitement of shoe, shoe Pavilion, shoe Pavilion is grace, poise, comfortable room. Brings together sport, leisure, outdoors,

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