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and have achieved certain results. But more

revenue is expected to increase profits also grew by 9%; gross margins should benefit from the FILA has a slight increase. The Bank has decided, Anta, revenue growth was strong, especially children and FILA brand Anta displayed Group's multi-brand strategy beginning, 2014Q3 continues to achieve a high single digit, 2013Q4 with stores also in the si    new balance 999 womens     n   gle digit, so the Bank sees Anta 2014 revenue growth of high visibility, prospects continued to improve. Sports marketing experts, key road sports co CEO Zhang Qing said, sporting goods industries are actively reducing inventory, transforming into a retail, and have achieved certain results. But more

importantly dealer confidence is slowly returning, this is a very hopeful sign. China's sporting goods industry is expected in the first half of this year fell steadily. First quarter of the year, Jinjiang, major sporting goods company a quarterly insurance. Anta's winter fair low order amount by year of double digit increases, break through the first three quarters of the number of units increase, and four seasons in a row to restore growth. Same-store sales for the first quarter in years number of units increase, growing for the second consecutive season. In addition, 361 degrees winter goods fair wholesale discounts grew from 63% to 65%, 1.8%, same-store sales growth in the first quarter, according to years of negative to positive omen net decrease in the number of

outlets to 252, reduced to licensed retail outlets-7047. Elegant birds fall orders rose 2.2%. Xtep will order further improvements in the value of orders in the winter, current stock has been restored to about 4.5 to 5 months of inventories   new balance 576 mens to sales ratio. China sporting goods industry Summit Forum on after 2014, Vice Chairman of China Federation of the sporting goods industry and Secretary General Li Hua said, although the garment industry as a whole is still in an adjustment process, but the recovery trend emerged. Overestimation of the needs of the market the past few years, as well as macro-economic slowdown and other factors, led to China's sporting goods industry in speed adjustment phase. After a positive adjustment, industry as a whole has

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