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enterprise, only one or two of the Mainland,

scarecrow, just blindly running at full speed, but no matter what brought brand to where, tired when you come crashing down, no turning back. Lack of focus sports properties, transitional fashion fail Entering domestic sports brand's store, "fashion sport", "happy sport" or even a "sexy movement" propaganda abounds. Although "fashion campaign" purporting to want to differentiate brand with the international movement advocated by the   new balance 1500 cheap "professional sport", tries to find the new location and direction, but it led to "fashion sport" winding local sports shoes clothing industry as a whole, as sport shoes clothes in the hottest phenomenon in product development and brand management, further intensified between local sports brand "assimilation competition" speed. And most of these chants of "fashion and culture" of the enterprise, only one or two of the Mainland,

Hong Kong and Taiwan Idol stars, rely only on Terminal channels and advertising promotion, ignoring internal cultivation, resulting in products that cannot compete with people working on the fashion trend of fast fashion brand, also lost the movement initially should be the core of sports products. Local sports brands could be leading the fashion trend of the most fundamental reason for product designs fail to achieve a real sense of fashion. Such as, dang "graffiti" became fashion of hot elements Shi, many native sports brand are have in himself of products Shang using Graffiti elements, is ignored has China originally on not a has graffiti culture of national,  discount new balance kids and Dang "China elements" in world trend trend Shang pop of when, native sports brand production of sneakers and sportswear and will rush to embroidered Shang China elements, simple of will so-called of fashion

elements simple to printed in movement products of appearance Shang, Instead of thinking about fashion culture associated with the movement embodied in what respect is. Lost motion properties of sports brand is like a lost man. By contrast, global brands are diametrically opposed, continues to highlight at the sport level of the product functionality and technology, in the actual promotion is also to increase the practical properties of product promotion with local sports brand to distinguish more differentiation. Incompatible with three views of the new generation, linguist Has information displayed, sneakers and movement clothing maximum of consumption crowd is 15~25sui of young, once graduated entered social, are loaded and leisure loaded on will became main clothing select, and to Lee Ning for representative of domestic sports brand is can in past ten

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