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Karma is concerned, we are now in a

professional property. Third is simple green. When Pathfinder brand clothing we are doing will be in line with the spirit of environmental protection, use of environmentally friendly materials and try to make each piece of clothing consume fewer resources, from the details of environmental protection. Part IV is a leading fashion. Our brand clothes not only have high scientific and technological content, also possess a good sense of fashion, and now a lot of people will be in charge of our brand in the winter clothes to keep warm, and th  air max 2013 cheap   e dress is very comfortable in the city, because we are outdoor sports products, is also a very fashionable clothing. Zhao Po: brands must adapt to market demand, changes with the market changes and changes in consumers lives. On the premise of maintaining brand style, not only to understand consumers and satisfy consumer, but also guide consumers so that they will have improved. Karma is concerned, we are now in a

transition, we changed the original rugged elements for modern, urban explorers, adventurers, creating a positive, upbeat image of city dwellers. Every successful brand will change as times change. For example, the brand to continue adding times demand of fashion elements, to make brand while keeping their own style based on the achieved market    air max 90 cheap   success. Kumar also constantly innovate and upgrade, starting from the design, we will have quarterly 20%-30% close to fashionable styles, this trial, we achieved sales success. On the store image, we are also constantly upgrading, we and Germany design company's new flagship store will be available in April this year, we are also responsive to development needs in the management innovation ... ... High sensitivity: brand focused not just on product quality improvement, it must also focus on the transmission of culture. All along, we focus on the improvement of product quality, in terms of

fabrics, materials and workmanship are in constant innovation, and we have enough time in brand value improvement. How culture can be delivered to the final consumer? It takes in all its details, only to hit consumers culture doesn't change the taste of real accumulation of brand culture can be achieved there. Each brand has its own personality, whether it's domestic brand or international brand, which convey personality and perseverance is needed is 360 degrees of planning and implementation. Brands on the rise, to around in dribs and drabs from the start and continued to strengthen understanding of the brand customers. Now is the era of information extremely developed, how to summarize and understand global trends, concerns surrounding the various cultural phenomena, from all kinds of fashion elements found in the news ... ... Promotion of the

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