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those imported material price increases of

previous fair, order intake grew by 27%, as well as footwear and clothing prices rose 10% and 17%, respectively. Anta when it announced a rise in prices for the first time this year, company President Ding Shizhong said that "annual growth not expected to exceed 10%." To announce 2011 fourth-quarter orders data, Anta omitted values would only say that "sports shoes, apparel average selling price as compared to a year earlier with double-digit gains. ” Local sportswear brand collective prices broadly similar explanations to these companies. According to the semi-annual data, employee costs increased from 81.318 million   air max light uk    dollars in the same period last year to 95.345 million Yuan, an increase of 17.2%; sales of raw materials cost 537 million Yuan, an increase of 18.7%. Prior to this, a sports brand Insider: "fabric prices rose significantly, especially those imported material price increases of more than 30%, factory wages rose, or

finding it hard to recruit skilled workers. "Pick CEO Xu Zhihua said higher prices are the biggest reason is the rising cost of raw materials and wages increased substantially. To this end, the peak is also considering increasing the overall apparel prices 5% to 10%. But with the last round of price used to be the sport brand's main driver--"wild cotton" prices from the highs, and serves as a raw material of chemical fiber raw materials prices into the second quarter, also decreased significantly. "Shortage of workers" in lead to Jiangsu and Zhejiang textile enterprises increased labor costs, after entering the second quarter has been maintained at a stable level.  air max 97 uk Experts say, supported by rising raw material and labor costs more than one movement has been the main reason for costlier brand does not hold water. Domestic brands choose prices again, surprising. Behind it is war For

this round of collective prices of domestic brands, investment advisor in light industry researcher Xiong Xiaokun analysis in rental costs as well as price level, stores under the background of labor costs, coupled with consumer spending levels now gradually transition from low-end to high-end, price is also an enterprise has to make choices. Li Ning company stakeholders also indicated that not all sporting goods firms to raise prices because rising costs, aims to enhance brand positioning, closer to the distance between the multinational sportswear brand. It is understood that the international brands such as Nike, adidas is about to adjust the channel structure, entered the market two or three lines. This makes Li Ning and Anta, xtep and 361 degrees etc all domestic

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