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Dr Sun Yat-sen University management, retail Sciences

salsa, and thousand color shop, and silk Liv blue for representative of cosmetics class, even part high-end jewelry jewelry, also became split of object.Costs make channel change"General brands enter the market takes the form of stores or set up    nike free run 2 salecounters in large department stores, but the traditional model has its own disadvantages, such as high cost of store operations manike free run 3 uk nagement difficult, and set up counters also brings a lot of rental and advertising costs  . "Dr Sun Yat-sen University management, retail Sciences senior lecturer Lu Jianbao believes that, like" sidewalk "or specialty store formats such as NOVO you will save a lot of costs such

as rent, advertising, management.Needless to say, the rising cost of retail channels are becoming brands and distributors promote the momentum of     nike free 3.0 v5 uk nikereform. One long-term concern this a area of industry people to reporter said, China department store since steering "associates buckle points" of mode Hou, China so-called of department store role of identity more like landlord, to charged rent and merchant points became operations mode, its buckle points minimum proportion has up to 20%-30%, also accord   nike free 4.0 v3 uking to brand different, and regional different, Mall buckle points rate is not as of, whenever promotions activities Mall buckle points rate also will floating, so costing difficulty is big. "Brands and dealers selling

commodities in department stores, profits usually one-third less than stores." And because department stores consolidated cash registers, the clearing and payments will take some time, also results in a certain amount of receivables, taking up brand e    nike free trainer 5.0 v4 uk   nterprises and distributors of funds, resulting in added costs.Many inconveniences and disadvantages of the Department store channel, prompting some retains the resources of enterprises and agents began to try to change the channel approaches. According to the NOVO Marketing Director Sun Mo said, the company boss is boss in Hong Kong, before the NOVO was created, the company agent REPLAY

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