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injiang footwear construction is lagging behind

enterprises in Jinjiang, the region nearest order of assignment so as to encourage more small and medium foreign trade enterprise change of role for local brands OEM production.Four, present problems of Jinjiang footwear   nike blazers saleJinjiang footwear industry in recent years considerable progress has been made, but there are still some problems, restricts the development of Jinjiang footwear industry to a higher level. One is lack of space industry dev    nike blazers for men   elopment. Because of the lack of planning and layout of the whole industry, Jinjiang footwear construction is lagging behind

the carrier, common in many businesses in the fast-growing plagued by lack of land, labor and other issues. Second, inadequate investment i    womens nike blazer low  n research and development of products. Some enterprises, especially small and medium footwear production basis for supporting enterprise less investment in research and development, low value added and technological content of the products. In addition, supporting shoe size development of technology intermediary service organizations     womens nike blazer high    and industry technical authority remains to improve product quality test centre.V, future development of Jinjiang footwear

In response to these problems, Jinjiang footwear and related products in the fierce competition in the domestic and international markets in the future to stay ahead, to further consolidate and enhance "shoes" value of reputation, carriers must focus on     nike cortez trainers uk   capacity-building, investment in research and development and industrial upgrading under optimization, enough, enough articles. To this end, the next phase our goal and mission is to:(A) giving full play to "shoes" brand, meaning further enrich's shoe to further extend the industrial chain,Chinese shoe network on August 14, "Li Ning (Li Ning stores) remodeling, does that mean that Li-Ning is no longer the main patriotic card? ”

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