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Anti-fur and the mill Sha skin 1. shade Hou, please with anti-hair ded

Cleaning and maintenance instructions note: after all shoes should be clean and natural shade, you can use shoe cream shoe Polish or stain removal agents when you use these products, please read the manufacturers instructions. Split suede and frosted leather sneaker maintenance: 1. use warm water and mild soap, gently scrub with a soft, nike free run 2 nzslightly damp cloth, 2. do not machine wash, 3. do not rinse, after dry, wipe shoes Oilers uniform shoe cream using shoe polish to go with fabric or shoe cream light sneakers or leather, fabric, use the pervasive shoe milk. Anti-fur and the mill Sha skin 1. shade Hou, please with anti-hair dedicated hair brush to dirty property, 2. Please not water clean: this may led to dirty property forever stained attached in fabric Shang, artificial skin depends on is what material, please comply with leather, anti-fur or mill Sha skin fabric of maintenance description, canvas and the other cloth: 1. using heated timely sexual neutral SOAP, with micro-wet of soft cloth gently scrub 2. Please not machine wash, 3. Please not rinsing please using for clean canvas and the other cloth of clean players cleared stain


Indeed, the Air Force 1 is not only a pair of shoes: it was an experience, it is a birth and a cultural bridge to connect, which brings its own survival. In 2007, Nike re-choose six Star endorsements Air Force 1. Even if the Air Force 1 has left the basketball court, but its movements of his spirit. Kobe Special Edition AF1 Kobe Bryant, lebulang·zhanmusi, laxide·hualaishi, amalei·sitademaier, Tuoni·pake and Vince Carter to become Air Force 1 "new six" assume the historical mission of Air Force 1 spirit to flourish. 12 refined Air Force 1, special for 30 NBA teams to build the Air Force 1, Air Force cost up to 16000 RMB Lux Pack ... free run 3 nz Each pair of shoes is people to put it down, both shows Air Force 1 's unique charm.

Similarly, the Air Force 1 was given a different theme on the sneakers are prey to collectors. Some have even been subject to a million Planet Hollywood. Show business celebrities, a lot of people have a specific pair (exclusive), proud of its Air Force 1. When Kobe Bryant endorsements this summer after the NBA 2007-SONY, SONY gave his gift is a dual-qualified Air Force 1 PlayStation worldwide. Even in China, where winds of currents of Air Force 1 also flourish. Many young people will have a pair of Air Force1, because this is their own style to show, when Hip-Hop has swept the world, Air Force 1 nature become essential equipment. Culture led by Air Force 1 sneakers also make many people are enchanted. Air Force is in fact a series, just as the first Air Force 1 was too popular led to late promotion to Air Force 2,Air Force General No 3 sales follow-up. In 2007, Air Force 1 25 anniversary, introduced the high-end series of its short version of Air Force and Air Force 25 90.

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