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Because the foam is not easy to do, it is recommended not to wet shoes

5, maintaining more than two pairs of shoes that can be replaced, let shoes turn to rest. 6, casual shoes, sandals are not suitable for competitive sports. 7, should always wear buy Li Ning shoes, in order to extend the life of the shoes, washing as little as possible. 8 when dry, shoes, shoe would help shoes restored prototype,nike free 3.0 v5 nz or newspaper stuffed in his shoes, newspapers lodgement of effectiveness, not only help to restore the shoe shape, and can rapidly absorb moisture in the shoe. 9, the soles toe facing down toward the dry wall, air dry at room temperature, thus preventing moisture deep into a low foaming material. Because the foam is not easy to do, it is recommended not to wet shoes flat. 10 shoes and dry off the newspapers out, never let shoes dry.


2, true security code query hint for the first time: "you are inquiring is Fujian hongxing group exercise product, is a genuine product identification. Enjoy sports, come along! "Real security code 3, the second and third query hint message:" this code has * times query, query time is the first time **** ** months * day * points *, in order to prevent counterfeiting, fake preventing code can query only once, if this is your first time with the time of the query does not match, please beware of this product are counterfeit products! "4, after three times of real security code check message:" sorry, this code has exceed the prescribed number of queries are logged out, please be careful that the product is counterfeit products!

Brand paraphrase, "Hung Sing g" means the same as honghu Chi Pro, nike roshe run nzhas risen to the challenge, constantly fighting, be models of excellence. This name defines a spirit--hongxing advocated by Mr tough, hard work, progressive corporate philosophy. Spirit of the brand "To Be No. 1" advocate a spirit of perseverance, hard work, is for the world, and compete to be the first determination and courage, is the endless pursuit and strong will to fight. It represents does not succumb to mediocrity is ambitious for success, desire and pursuit of the Championship, is "faster, higher, stronger" Olympic spirit, philosophy, and psychology into one of spiritual transcendence and extended. Brand positioning--high-quality, high-grade, high-tech professional sportswear brand
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