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speed of decision making and a strong executive power, is a unique cor

361 °, as Chinese brands in the sporting goods industry, what brands should be presented in a manner with the Asian people as well as people all over the world to communicate? If again get a couple of gold medals at the Guangzhou Asian Games, meaning there isn't much. new balance 574 nzTo have great power mentality, calls for sporty, enjoy, enjoy games, a better life for humanity, which is where the physical meaning, which is "Asia, once loved" connotation. The so-called "love", everyone's heart of love for the sport honest and simple, whether for work, study and living, still treats the people around him and, as long as the "had" love, we would be able to succeed. 361 ° brand slogan of change, not only enhance the brand image, is more a corporate mentality and values. Speed and execution, the story behind the legend, 361 ° 's rapid rise, brand marketing success, supporting all of this is 361 °, speed of decision making and a strong executive power, is a unique corporate culture.


At that time, most brands are keen to TV marketing, 361 ° is weinengmiansu, in Hunan TV's popular "Super girl" show advertising. "At the time, 361 ° was founded, the first mixing and the entire nation, so familiar. When that purpose is attained, we quit, because we are professional sporting goods manufacturers, and we can't in entertainment circles balance 996 nz "Feng Zhao said. 361 ° started strategic cooperation with Tencent continues, from a single advertisement to an implanted Internet marketing, interactive marketing experience. When people open QQ, and chat with friends, and 361 ° ads will pop up interface; playing fight the landlord games, suddenly found himself turned "361 ° businessman"; when you see the other players ' avatars are a handsome 361 degrees sport shoes clothes to dress up and be tempted to "store" select 361 ° sports equipment ... ...


This is the result of strict regime. 361 ° rule is "results-oriented", regardless of process, one thing has decided to do, decided by someone to do, someone proposed conditions and time management to fully authorized, without the slightest interference, until the project is completed. 361 ° stressed saying is: "100 ideas without strong executive power, it would be equal to zero; 50 minutes of ideas that if you perform well, it could be 100." Executive power comes from corporate culture. From 361 ° unique "culture" can be seen. Ding Wuhao very punctual, "its determined not to be late, not allowing people to be late." 5000 people will order, 361 ° can do it, no one was late. With the participation of a large customer orders 5 minutes late, 361 ° staff simply did not let him go into the Hall. This sounds a bit too much. But 361 ° goal is: to become a respected sports brands in the world. Respect yourself, respect others and let others respect themselves.
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