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New adizero F50 revolutionary technology is used in every aspect and d

New adizero F50 revolutionary technology is used in every aspect and design process, can maximize running speed with the ball,new balance 574 nz thus all rivals far behind. Adizero F50 weigh only 165 grams, is the lightest adidas soccer shoes. Starting in October, the new Macy's signature combat boots will be logged on to the Chinese market. With the introduction of next-generation Messi boots series, fans will have the opportunity to once again feel they have in mind for "Idol" 's unique charm.

On June 30, 2013. Summer as fire, adidas "only fast not broken" bucket fast China beginning station Yu Beijing started, adidas its four bit young of NBA players--including this year best rookie Portland Trail Blazers team stars Lillard, and 2009 of NBA talent champion show, Washington Wizards team of headed stars Wal-, and Spain gold child, new balance 996 nz2008 European Basketball Mr Lu Biao and feicheng76ren team stars Huo Ledi, in adidas latest launched of two paragraph has milestone meaning of speed war boots--Crazy Adizero Crazy Light and Quick 3 mantle tandem in the capital staged a brilliant peak speed showdown, with its amazing speed and the "fire" race, will meet fans in Beijing's atmosphere burn to the highest point.


The adidas as fast as China adopts "only the fast is not broken," the unique theme, derived from the traditional Chinese martial arts, meaning in front of absolute velocity, all defense useless. Similarly, in competitive basketball, speed is critical for every player, regardless of the location where, the player needs to have amazing explosive first step and extremely fast rate can be ahead of the competition and hit the basket. Adidas on the pitch speed of the player's "fast-track" given new meaning, and attack and defense conversion, depending on how the players on the pitch to beat rival players are divided into two categories: one is the spirit blow (Quick), one light attack (Fast). "Spirit strike" (Quick) emphasized the quick launch and flexible response, around the opponent, unprepared; "light attack" (Fast) in lean and fast attacks, direct sharp qiufeng, break up the basket. Lillard and wall in the race in China wear Crazy Quick boot represents "spirit strike" style, while Lu Biao and Huo Ledi wore Crazy Light 3 sneakers endorsement "light attack" qiufeng.
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