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It is reported that in late February, Belle launched its first low end


It is reported that in late February, Belle launched its first low end shoes brand "15MINS", specializing in monthly income of about 3000 million wage-earners of the Mainland nation, Belle's management disclosed that will open 100 popular shoe stores this year, means that the Belle finally stop posing, and mass market "shoe King"-Daphnenew balance 999 uk , face to face. On February 28, 15MINS to start trial operation, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, its unit of about 200 Yuan, down slightly from Daphne. Belle Cheng Bai pepper, Chief Executive, said at a performance,new balance 998 uk extremely broad prospects for mass market in the next two years will develop faster than other markets. Belle will make larger inputs to the new business, to open about 100 new stores this year, the Executive Director of bloom will be dedicated to the business.


Product unit price 200 Yuan was slightly lower than balance 996 women Daphne results last year, while average prices for its products only 206 Yuan, the overall gross profit margin amounted to 61%, and Belle 69% last year by much. Daphne 2004 introduced low-priced brand "ShoeBox" focused "shoes are not your" idea, with annual sales of more than 1.7 billion yuan. The fourth quarter of last year, Daphne 26%, same-store sales growth at a high level, significantly ahead of Belle and 8.2%. Sheng Bai pepper said yesterday that Belle in digit same-store growth target for this year to high single digit. Up-market saturation attack and cheap to solve supply chain. See middle and high-end markets become more saturated, Belle finally creating its own lower-priced brands. Sheng Bai peppers yesterday to ask and answer by yourself,new balance 991 uk Belle go attack the mass market of solutions for three major concerns. Sheng Bai pepper stress that Belle stores to mass market models (Street) does not lack experience and subsequently store model despite the additional security deposit, but no receivables, so it won't take up too much capital.

For third a doubts, is market most concern of supply chain problem, new balance 576 ukSheng hundred pepper acknowledged hundred Li its factory not suitable do middle products, only refers to mainland do the, shoes of manufacturers very more, just most are to export for Opus Dei, not with fast reaction capacity, and hundred Li by requires of domestic supply chain different, so supply chain remains currently needed focus settlement of problem. There are analysts that the market reacted positive to Sheng Bai pepper explained, Belle shares yesterday rose 5%. In addition, xtep Ding Shuibo President said yesterday that the deteriorating industry excess inventory, price competition ń, 2012 for the company "for revision", have taken the initiative to cut the annual growth rate of orders to units in the autumn, and to reduce the number of new shops all year round.
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