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nike free 4.0 v2 womens let I understand has I survival of

But as time went by, it was not long before shoes began to feel very tired, the pressure is so great, no matter how comforting it yourself, always feel that the ideal is so far away, so difficult to achieve. One night, the shoes really stand out, quietly sipping it up, though not loud, but they were also heard. Old man lovingly asked: "what happened to you? If I don't hurt you? "Heard has elderly words, shoes cry have more badly has, feel good grievance, so on elderly told has himself of ideal,   womens nike free 5.0   last also complained road:" heaven on I too not fair has, let I life in country, despite such, can I also is has been insisted with ideal, hopes one day you will praised I, however except first times see you day yiwai, has never I are didn't can heard had, you just daily night sleep Qian touch touch I just, I really of good tired, daily also to was you stepped on with, this pressure is you forever also cannot experience of. ”

After hearing the crying shoes, the old man didn't say anything, just put the shoes in the next morning to a rain less in the courtyard under the eaves. Basking in warm sunshine, enjoying the breeze, much lighter, shoes: this life is free! Days like this goes on until a thunderstorm the night approaches. Shoes begin to feel lonely and afraid, it hoped that the elderly can put yourself on the side of the end as before, but it was only heard by people terrified of Thunder and chilling rain. Looking at the man in the window, it seems to have dreams, shoes, could not help but shed tears in silence.

This time, suddenly picked up a pair of shoes, opened his misty eyes, shoes, have seen just the sleeping old man. So the shoes were crying hard, it sobbed on the old man said, "since you have put me on the outside, though I am basking in the Sun every day, sleep sleep, carefree everyday, but my heart is empty. I by can see of world only a small of yard just, yiqian I Although didn't can heard you of praised, also to bear you to of pressure, brace with you walk, but also is you to has I power, with I open has vision,   nike free 4.0 v2 womens   let I understand has I survival of meaning--only in was people wearing walk of when will achieved, tomorrow for Shang I 's! ”

Old man laughing, smiles are so good. His shoes says, "I praise you every day for your touch is in it! But you do not feel that I, like you, we have no power to choose the original destiny, at that time, we have been selected, but we are not without choices, we also have, that is--optimistic or pessimistic attitude towards life, now you understand, don't you? Pressure is not, unfortunately, that depends on what angle you look at it. "The next morning, the old man and put on this pair of shoes.

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