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Chilly, Cornell in Wenzhou industrial park in steaming hot. Ten region

Chilly, Cornell in Wenzhou industrial park in steaming hot. Ten regional workshops, a mechanized export leather shoes assembly lines, both shoes with a conveyor belt slowly moving, workers in accordance with operation requirements the skilful operation: stretch, shape and shake off the line, pile, stickers, glue, shaping, pressing ... ... new balance 574 uk Each process completed, detected by inspectors meticulously check. "Don't look down on a pair of tiny shoes, 500 metres from the entire production chain fusion processes, 280 fine craft and 30 patents!" Kangnai Group Vice-President Zhou Jinmiao says: "feet home, one foot abroad, Kang Nai devote themselves to build the core competitive power of the shoes, to enter high-end manufacture make stronger. ""new balance 595 womens  Products are the core technology export pricing initiative. "Refers to a line of shoes, Zhou Jinmiao said," this is Japan customers tailored, apart from contract price, and every fare increase of US $ 3. Japan after merchants visited Cornell, found leather shoes has gathered many technical innovations, offered us an extra fare.

As a leading enterprise of Chinese shoe industry, kangnai group of high-grade leather shoes more than 11 million pairs, both at home and abroad has more than more than 3,000 stores, new balance 620 mens enterprises operating income of 2.7 billion dollars last year, exporting US $ 30 million, an increase of 47%. Steady growth in exports comes from meticulous planning for the international market. 2000 won "China x shoes industry King" title of Kang ne in domestic market Shang sales strong,new balance 373 uk Group President Zheng Xiukang is in thinking: International shoes industry brand are in China Xia single production, this description China completely has strength made out world first-class products Ah! for, he made to shoes industry high-end manufacturing upgrade, implementation "brand out of to" strategy, let world knows Kang ne.

To make its technology into line with international standards, Connell spent 10 million dollars to the SATRA footwear certification bodies to work together in the world, established in the country meet the accreditation of world-class SATRA footwear Design Center. new balance 420 womens Listing of 2006 Cornell "business Shu Shi" series of products, global standard SATRA comfort shoes this shoe at home for the first time. Companies also rely on Italy, and Spain, research and development team of designers targeting the middle class and white collar workers, the main European "new classics". United Kingdom, and Martha United States TMW and other high-end retailers and a dozen world-renowned brand manufacturers are putting orders into Kang Nai.
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