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In the urban landscape, Nancheng district, Dongguan city, street Stree

"Terminal channels in international markets like Panda!" Technological innovation and support, never dared to think, to make Zheng Xiukang had a stronger position. On January 18, 2001, Kang Nai's first overseas store in France opened in Paris ' 19th district bustling downtown, opened its first stores in foreign countries this is also China's leather shoes. In France, and Italy and the United States and other countries, new balance 574 pas cher Cornell shoes average price reached more than 70 euros, the highest price of 200 euros. "Buying shoes Cornell overseas consumer 70% above is a foreigner, Kang Nai specially set up for the research sector, designed for foreigners-foot shoes. new balance 420 femme "Zheng Xiukang confidently told reporters that:" Cornell plans to open 1000 stores overseas in 5 years (Cabinet), we will not only become the vanguard of international shoe, brand and corporate culture, entrepreneurial teams to spread internationally! "

In the urban landscape, Nancheng district, Dongguan city, street Street, 361 degrees brand started in the children's clothing store. In fact, not only is 361 degrees, and some large popularity of the brand, like seven wolves, three drops of water (Kang Nai), new balance 577 pas cher Anta, etc all have entered the children's clothing market. Not only that, but some international big names, like NIKE, ADIDAS, BabyDior, D&Gbaby, ARMANI Junior, also expanding into the extended to the area of children's clothing. In this context, garment industry generally believed that will host the 2012 kids brand clothing shoes and hats hopes and expectations of the entrepreneurs, the famous marketing expert Jiang Shiqiong predicted that "children's clothing is the clothing industry the last piece of cake." However, on this city's garment industry association official believes that children's wear brands of Dongguan was despite relatively well, new balance 996 femme but due to the limited capacity of domestic consumption of luxury brands, "estimated luxury children's wear will do is hard enough."

Advantage: children's clothing brand concentration is not high. "I think in 2012 domestic garment market, children's apparel market, while also competing, but it seems ' very landscape ', at least in theory. "Jiang Shiqiong said. At present, the domestic pattern of children's apparel market is roughly, half each from domestic and foreign brands, manufacturers accounted for 50% of the market share in the country, only about 30% brand, and most urban markets in one,new balance 999 femme two or three classes bunched together; 70% in a brand-free State, located in the vast rural market. 50% market share of foreign brands, almost all concentrated in urban centres. While at home are also present in one or two or three or four such impressive children's wear brands on the market, as well as in various blocks leading regional children's clothing brand, but so far, children's clothing brand concentration is not high, it's 2012 shuffle of children's clothing brand in the domestic market provided an opportunity, but also makes possible the emergence of leading brands.
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