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but also would lead to further escalation of the internal competition

In fact, 2011 Dongguan's brand children's clothing "piggy Bangna" has been successfully nominated for "top ten famous children's clothing brand", but the price of each outfit is generally 100 RMB ~250 Yuan, product positioning and "luxury" has a larger distance. Dongguan city garment industry association, chashan town, with higher concentration of children's clothes and brand visibility and Humen town, although more than more than 20 famous brand children's clothing, where luxury brand children's clothes has only "Mi Tinuo",asics gel nimbus 14 homme  children's clothing prices usually between 600 Yuan, ~800 Yuan, up to 1000 Yuan, can be described as "luxury". However, the reporter was informed that the brand relative to other General brand children's clothing, children's wear, sales are small. Challenge: bought or copied versions of design patterns will be cut, but in front of large nuggets opportunities, expansion of the children's clothing brand model is different, Jiang Shiqiong believes that clothing brand or a brand extends to the children's clothing industry, with mature brand operation and market experience. At the same time, the entry of foreign trade,asics gel excel 33 femme also has advanced business models and strong design strength involved. These players, enough to make children's clothing brand in China become more rational and mature, but also would lead to further escalation of the internal competition in the children's clothing market, it can be said that to some extent gave birth to coming of age for children's clothing brand in China.

In addition, the ebb tide of the market rules will also expose the brutal side of, survival of the fittest will spread from small and medium sized enterprises to large businesses or brands, and many brands from wholesale markets transition to town businesses will bear the brunt, asics gel kayano 18 pas cher  so many design advantages, but quality not for quantity, do not pay attention to operating specification for companies or brands will be spared which can be easily eliminated. In addition, as the domestic market continues to mature and consumers, demand for children's wear design provides updated: simple, practical, fun, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Bought or copied versions of design patterns will be eliminated. asics gel noosa tri 8 homme At the same time, as the domestic market is relatively mature brand "and" post "selection of established brands, objectively on the original design of children's clothing brand, market segmentation, brand positioning, branding, terminal operations level, products, brands, marketing, operations, comprehensive strength and brand concept update requirements.

Industry sources, in fact, for the design of children's clothing in Dongguan, "buying" less. One person familiar with the garment industry in Dongguan, said that "a certain degree of ' copying ' is relatively common. Two years ago, copy and more Japanese and Korean style, this year began copying and borrowing more European-style. asics onitsuka tiger pas cherThis may be because many people have entered the stage of Visual fatigue. "Trends: high-end, luxury children's wear brand will be born is notable, national children's wear company's branding has undergone a relatively extensive and vague process, is still more concentrated in big children, infant and young child or teenager is seldom set foot in, and, as far as price, most are still focused on the high-end.
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